Reliability and Sustainability

Our Commitment To Reliability and Sustainability

LG has created an integrated value chain, investing more than one billion dollars to construct production facilities that can handle capacity of over 200 million LED chips. This also includes an advanced manufacturing system which enables mass production of 6-inch wafers.

As a leading global electronics company, LG attracts highly skilled engineers and technicians. The result, the ability to stay ahead of the curve with our technology. Our express goal, as a business, is to make it possible to monitor and optimize overall energy consumption of a building.

Our passion rests in a desire to always provide uncompromising quality. We believe we deliver this everyday and that LG’s highly acclaimed technologies and fully integrated business approaches have enabled advancements in reducing manufacturing costs while increasing the product quality of LEDs. It shouldn't surprise you then, as you discover our solutions, that LG is positioning itself to become one of the top energy solution and lighting innovation companies in the world.

LG Electronic's global R&D centers & sales network (100+ Global Operations)

global r&d map

Vertical Integration of Value Chain

value chain

Global leader in production capacity

LG has set up production facilities with world-leading capacity of LED chips and 6-inch wafers.

Proven technology and design ability

proven technology

Strict quality control

Testing labs are equipped with certified equipments and facilities to ensure product reliability and leading technology.

proven technology

Lighting solution integrated total energy management

- Additional energy saving with daylight and occupancy sensors
- Easy Commissioning using wireless communication

proven technology